Bounce BackTM

As part of our wellbeing and engagement strategies we use the BOUNCE BACK program to help us develop our social skills program. This program is used across the school and utilises the concepts and elements of Growth Mindset and Challenging Learning.
BOUNCE BACK is an acronym for
Bad times don’t last. Things always get better.
Other people can help if you talk to them. Get a reality check.
Unhelpful thinking makes you feel more upset.
Nobody’s perfect, not you and not others.
Concentrate on the positives (no matter how small) and use laughter
Everybody experiences sadness, hurt, failure, rejection and setbacks sometimes. They are a part of life. Try not to personalize them.

Blame fairly – how much of what happened was because of you, how much was because of others and how much was because of bad luck or circumstances?
Accept the things you can’t change but change what you can first.
Catastrophising makes your worries worse. Don’t believe the worst possible picture.
Keep things in perspective. It’s only one part of your life.

This acronym helps students to memorise and recall ten basic coping statements based around positive self-talk. Each year teachers revisit the key concepts of resilience and wellbeing each school year with age appropriate content in the following areas:

Self Knowledge

Social awareness


(Summary taken from the Kids Matter website)