The School Council oversees the curriculum at Stratford Primary School. Our Curriculum is the Victorian Curriculum.
The Victorian Curriculum describe what is essential for all students to achieve from Pre Foundation (Prep to 10) in Victorian schools. It describes what students should know and be able to do at different stages of learning.

The Victorian Curriculum is developed into Learning Areas and Capabilities. These outline the knowledge, skills and behaviours all students should acquire if they are to successfully manage themselves and their relations with others, understand the world and act effectively in that world.

More information about the Victorian Curriculum can be found at this website:   The Victorian Curriculum F–10

Stratford Primary School’s curriculum planning is based upon a thematic approach. Where possible, the learning areas are integrated and children’s skills are developed across the curriculum. Programs developed in the different areas of the school will reflect the range of abilities and student interests.

Teachers plan together to ensure a common approach to learning within each area and level of the curriculum. General attitudes, values and personal qualities such as Acceptance, Respect, Commitment, Honesty, perseverance, initiative, loyalty and creativity are recognised and encouraged as underlying learning skills, processes and understandings.

The Victorian Curriculum has organised learning material into levels. This provides a framework for identifying student achievement and future learning goals. These levels are equated with levels of schooling as follows:

Foundation    End of first year of school

Level 1     End of Grade 1

Level 2     End of Grade 2

Level 3            End of Grade 3

Level 6            End of Grade 6

Level 4     End of Grade 4

Level 5     End of Grade 5

Please remember that children develop in their own unique way and, while the levels above are a guide to expectations, your child may be working above or below and teaching will be at his or her individual level of need. Regardless of where your child is working our aim is for one year of growth for each child, to support those in need and to provide challenge and extension for those who are at that stage.
Curriculum assessment is ongoing, and is covered by a range of quality approaches relevant to the child’s instructional level.