Abstract Artists

During term 2 students have been learning about famous abstract artists and creating works in their styles. Some of the artists investigated include Jackson Pollack, Vassily Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Piet Mondrian, Helen Frankenthaler and Paul Klee. Some excellent pieces have been created, some of which can be seen at Wa De Lock Café and the Ticklish Turtle Café in Stratford.

Technology Day 

Our recent Technology Theme day saw some excellent home learning projects submitted by our senior students. Students have the opportunity to direct their own learning and choose ways to meet the criteria within the program. Some students used a form of digital technology to present their work and others presented forms of technology, explaining how something worked. We saw projects that included nerf guns, a newly created website – just to name a couple. The visitors to the exhibition were WOWed by the work. As part of the Technology Theme day students worked with their buddies and rotated through activities that gave them the opportunity to imagine, create, collaborate and design. It looked like the learning was fun!


The story of Cinderella made its way to Stratford to entertain the Stratford Primary students. Students were entertained by the Alpha Theatre company who cleverly wove the themes of self-worth and forgiveness throughout the musical adaptation of the traditional fairy-tale. The show was energetic and the characters were great fun and it was a fantastic performance.

  About the author 

Our grade 1/2 students have been learning about information texts this term and have created excellent informative texts based on their research of different animals. The quality and standard of the texts they have produced is excellent and the level of pride and excitement in their work is fantastic to see. Not only did the students include, maps, labelled diagrams, glossaries and an index but wrote some very inciteful “About the Author” blurbs a well. Such great work by our students and staff.

Integrated Studies – Bees

Our Grade 5/6’s had a great time last week learning about design solutions to waste as a part of our ‘Do You Deliver’ unit work this term. Raquel Harris from the Wellington Shire taught us how we can easily make beeswax wraps as a sustainable way to cover our food instead of using glad wrap.

Recently, our Grade 3/4 class was treated to a visit from apiarist (beekeeper) Dave Hooper. Dave explained lots about the nature of bees, their colonies and how they operate together. The students asked lots of wonderful questions, deepening their understandings about the importance of bees. This built on from what they have been learning about this term in their Integrated Studies unit.

Community Walk

Our F,1 & 2 students recently made a trip to visit local community businesses in a final collaborative activity to end our term 2 theme. Students have been learning about where our foods and supplies come from and they took part in a treasure hunt, looking for clues in the windows of our local shop owners. Thanks to all the people who helped make this a memorable day for our students.