School Captains Spread the Word 

Our school captains have been busy making links with the Stratford Community. Over the past weeks they have been introducing themselves to local business owners and catching them up on all the great things our students have been doing.
Piper and Emma have a done a great job and represented themselves and our school to an exemplary level. So good, in fact, that the customers in one store gave them a clap! We are very proud of them for overcoming their nerves and challenging themselves in this way.
Thank you to the owners of the Ticklish Turtle and Wa De Lock who were our first meet-and-greet volunteers. We will be continuing to meet more of our local community over the coming weeks.
We are also grateful to these businesses for displaying some of the great art pieces that have been completed by students over the past term. Have look on the Wa De Lock Face Book page to see some of what is on display.

Home Learning Expo

Students in years 3 to 6 recently presented their home learning projects at an expo attended by parents and peers. Students had been working on their projects throughout the term, taking the opportunity to show their learning in reading, maths, writing, organisation, independence, imagination and creativity. Students presented their plans and overviews in an oral presentation to their peers and then received feedback to help them make improvements in future work. The effort and passion shown in the projects was fantastic to see.


Students had a great afternoon working with their 2021 buddies during our Easter Buddy afternoon. Students from across the school get to know each other as they work together on activities that encourage collaboration, empathy, respect, co-operation and, most importantly, caring for others. As well as being able to choose from a range of Easter themed activities buddies worked together to find individually labelled Easter eggs in our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. We are very proud of the way our students are learning to consider the feelings of others and the way in which they are learning to look after each other. This activity was organised and managed by our student leader team.


Sustainability @ Stratford School  

Stratford Primary School investigated many reasons why sustainability is important during its whole school Sustainability Day on Friday, 26th February this year. The students engaged in a variety of activities on the day, including planting seedlings with Tracey from the Wellington Shire into paper pots (seedlings donated by the Wellington Shire also); writing pledges to live a more environmentally aware life, learning about the harmful effects of plastic on our wildlife and embarking on biodiversity hunts throughout our school grounds. Students at Stratford already employ many environmentally friendly practices in their everyday lives, including being Trashless on each Tuesday, sorting their rubbish into 4 separate bins (general, recycling, recycle and compost) and participating in our Kitchen-Garden program. Our whole school Sustainability Day deepened student understandings and has provided a renewed sense of empowerment. Thank you to all who supported our day, especially to Tracey and Raquel at the Wellington Shire Council.

Money Money Money

Look at what our grade 1/2s have been learning. Looks like they are getting to know all about coins and notes and are ready to go shopping in real life. It is always great to be able celebrate such growth in learning.