Similes and Metaphors

The students in grade 6 have been working on using similes and metaphors to further enhance the creativity and quality of their writing,
Here are some examples of their work: See if you can locate the similes and  metaphors?

Today I took my dogs for a walk. The sun was a golden ball, the clouds were like balls of cotton and the grass we walked on was a carpet of green. Emma, my dog, is as small as an ant and Pip, my other dog, is as big as a house. My dogs are best friends – they are like two peas in a pod. We walked through the bush in our property – the trees were tall, like green beanstalks. The dam was calm and looked like a mirror. The birds chirped in the trees and their sound was music to my ears. My big brother is a couch potato and a night owl, so he didn’t come on the walk. But my little brother is a sea of knowledge about nature and he came with me.
By Tyson.

Hello, my name is Kristy. I am a shining star but my dad is a couch potato, and a road hog too!!
Today is a crazy day. The wind is howling like a wolf, the thunder is roaring like a lion and to top it all, it was raining cats and dogs.
Dinner didn’t end up any better. Rufus, our dog, was eating like a pig. He got dog food all over my dress! I couldn’t stay mad at him though. His adorable eyes are like fireflies.
I was so tired I had a stream of tears falling down my face. I was tired. I was still looking forward to tomorrow because I love school.
When I got to school the classroom was like a zoo! Ted, Harold and Arnold were having a paper fight. Alise, Corrie, Selena and May were arguing. When Miss Apricottle entered the room she roared like a dragon. Luckily, after that, the rest of the day went as smoothly as a baby’s bottom.
After school I didn’t feel blue anymore because I saw a blanket of snow covering my town.
By Nissa.

Remote Learning 2.0

Well, here we are with remote learning 2.0! Grade 4/5 settled in quickly to our old, familiar routine, with the students loving their first activity – making a 3D robot to share their understandings of 3D objects. We had tall and short robots, robots for doing the dishes and robots for friendship. The imagination of our students is endless! Ads were created to promote the sale of their robots, persuading buyers that they would greatly benefit from their unique qualities. Our wonderful students are now delving into the fabulous world of Poetry. Just one example is how they have been wowing us with their simile poems about their friends and family members. Their ability to paint a picture of their chosen subject using wonderful describing words has been amazing to see. We are so proud of our grade!

Grade 2/3 

The grade 2/3s have been busily creating and practising many skills in the past few weeks. From creating original clock designs demonstrating our knowledge of time to video challenges of our sounds and cued articulation skills. One of our focus tasks has been writing persuasive letters. After exploring the story ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’, by Drew Daywalt, the grade 2/3s all wrote letters to Duncan (the crayons’ owner) convincing him to set the crayons free or to save them. If you haven’t read the story it is a must! Our next challenge… to create a game board using our skills from literacy and numeracy.