School Structure 2021

In 2022 our school has the following structure:
Foundation  – Adele Ognew  
1/2 – Kate Steinmann & Kylie Cavanagh
3/4 – Nikki Gavin
5/6 – Kyle Holmes

Education Support Staff:
Debbie French, Michelle White, Paul Jeffreys 

Tutor Program:
Adele Smith

Kitchen & Garden Specialist – Michelle Peverill
Visual Arts – Kate Steele

Business Manager:
Debbie Hooper (the office will be closed every Monday)

The structure of the school is greatly determined by the number of students at each year level. While our desire is to keep it as stable as possible, it may be necessary to alter the structure to accommodate the number of students across the school. The number of teachers we are able to employ is linked to the number of students we have enrolled on census day at the end of February each year.

In making a decision about the structure, we are guided by the philosophy and value of children learning from, and with, each other. The range of learning stages in the classroom provides a wonderful opportunity to foster co-operation between children, to acknowledge the different ways and different rates at which children learn, and to celebrate learning. Children will be encouraged to see each step of their development as part of the learning process.

In making up a class we consider the learning needs of each student, friendship groups, and the effect certain students have on each other. Classes are constructed so that the best possible learning environment exists for all students concerned. Every effort is made to provide opportunity for play and friendship within the team and within the school.

As part of our pre-Foundation transition program, and when a new student enrols, we try to find out as much as possible about them as possible. We talk to kinder teachers, talk to families and conduct the student interviews in order to get a picture of each child in readiness for his or her learning journey.