School Uniform

School Council has a policy of compulsory school uniform.
Items of uniform may be purchased through JSM Embroidery, Work wear and Safety, 71-73 MacArthur St Sale. Ph 03 5144 6898 However, plain black pants, skirts, skorts or shorts may be purchased elsewhere as well.
Plain black shoes are required, with no coloured markings, logos, laces or side soles. While any plain black shoe is okay, many students find black runners to be versatile on all days.
Students will also be required to wear the Stratford Primary School hat and school house t-shirt which may also be purchased through JSM.
If you need any support with the purchasing of uniform items or shoes please don’t hesitate to contact us. Families who have a Centrelink card are eligible for a one-off grant to assist with the purchase of uniform items.
Please contact our office for the appropriate form.

The full School uniform policy can be found here: School Uniform Policy