Student Leaders

At the end of the year students who will be in years 5 and 6 in the coming year may apply to be a student leader. We have positions for two school captains, three house captains and four members of the School Initiative team. These students work together to run assembly, the school radio program, raise funds for the school and charities, organise special days for the students and run special lunch time activitiesThese leaders also assist in developing student voice in our school.
As part of the election process interested students must submit a written application, attend an interview and make a speech to the student body.

We have the highest expectations of our student leaders in terms of behaviour, following our school values and rules and putting in their best effort, being positive role models in and out of school. We have been proud of the achievements of our past leaders and look forward to encouraging those who are keen to help make our school a better place.